Best Fishing Information for Pensacola

Hello everyone and welcome to our very first blog post. This weeks guest writer will be Strickly Fishing Charters own Captain Zack Strickland from Pensacola Florida. I sat down with Captain Zack and we discussed what is going on in his area and what he is doing to have success. When we sat down with Zack the first thing we wanted to know is how the fishing has been in Pensacola Florida. He told us that the fishing has really good the past few weeks. With summer approaching they have been seeing a lot of mackerel showing up. Zack said ” we have been seeing a lot of mackerel on our deep sea fishing charters” . This right here is due to the rising water temperatures bring bait to the panhandle area. These fish are a fun fight and great eating. He also told us about the spanish mackerel that he has been catching on his inshore Pensacola Beach Fishing Charters in Florida.

He then went on to explain what the expectations were for the future in Pensacola Florida. He told us how early summer is a great time to fish in Pensacola as well. We have a lot of fish that get in here around June and July like red snapper, grouper, triggerfish, cobia, and a bunch of surprises along the way. May even luck up and get a sailfish or tuna!

So we heard a lot about the fish he was catching but wanted to know exactly what he was doing to catch these fish. He told us most of the mackerel he catches come off artificials. The best bait to use for king mackerel are the yo zuri mag minnows. Plain and simple Captain Zack said “These things work!”

For the Spanish mackerel he said he has been using the tsunami glass minnow jigs and trolling them around and having great success.

Guys when I tell you this guy loves fishing, it is an understatement! Y’all get with Strickly Fishing Charters for the trip of a lifetime! I’d like to thank Captain Zack for sharing his knowledge and hope y’all enjoyed it! See ya next week!!!

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